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Computerway Food Systems (CFS) recently celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary.

Incorporated in 1986 under the original name of Chickway Systems, Inc., Computerway Food Systems began as a partnership between company president William Altenpohl and AutoSystems, Ltd. of the United Kingdom. The company was formed to provide food manufacturing companies in the United States, Canada and Latin America with manufacturing of and support for Chickway overhead weighing systems.

Today, CFS systems include overhead sizing, grading and weighing lines as well as fully integrated computerized production and inventory systems for food processing plants. Located in High Point, N.C., our two major product lines are Computerway, computerized production and inventory control systems for food processing plants, and Chickway, electronic weighing systems designed for high speed sorting on overhead conveyors.

The company was renamed Computerway Food Systems in January 1999 to reflect a new emphasis on the Computerway product line and its application across the food industry.

Christmas 2013

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