Computerway Food Systems (CFS) is a world leader in integrated plant floor and enterprise-level information systems designed specifically for food manufacturing, processing and handling operations.

Incorporated in 1986 and located in High Point, NC, Computerway modules include precise Recall and Traceability, real-time Production Control, accurate and aged Inventory of products and packaging, and scanned Shipping and Receiving operations.

CFS Management
Bill Altenpohl
Rodney Everhart
Production Manager, 1990
Shawna Brown Dumoulin
Director, Customer Services and Product Manager, 1999
Nathan Biggs
Director, Software Development, 2000
Jeff Clark
Service Manager, Sales, 1999
Jaime Moore
Accounting and Human Resources Manager, 2007
Brent Clodfelter
Projects Department Manager, 2008
Will James
HelpDesk Manager, 2010