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Process Tracking System


Computerway Process Tracking is a versatile singular solution for any food manufacturing process. All Computerway systems are modular and expandable to suit various size operations, objectives and budgets.


PT Receiving allows inbound goods, materials & packaging to be received and recorded against a Purchase Order, providing a data trail and real-time inventory. 

Process Operations

PT allocates & issues ingredients to batches, recording "Put-in" and "Take-out", as well as splits and yield control.


Simplified data capture makes tracking for food safety easier than ever before with source-to-destination tracking, real-time reporting, and real-time recall response.


PT incorporates Recall points at every step, making traceability and food safety more accessible than ever.

Batch Scheduling

PT allows batch scheduling and processing of WIP and Finished Goods, as well as tracking by lot.

Recipe Management

Maintain and manage recipes with Process Tracking features including weight & measurement controls and bill of materials.

WIP Inventory

Manage WIP inventory with BLOX creation, critical inventory levels and reporting, and data capture for location, weight, and age.


PT integrates with ERP and accounting systems, providing valuable and configurable reports.


Process Tracking by CFS

Process Tracking by CFS

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