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S9 System


The S9 System features specialized, integrated software and hardware components that work together to actualize the goals of food processing plants. With efficient, labor-saving solutions stemming from Receiving all the way to Recall, R8 is a full-service Production, Inventory and Recall system. 


S9 Receiving allows inbound materials (raw goods, ingredients, packaging materials, finished goods) to be received and recorded against a Purchase Order,  providing a data trail and real-time inventory. 


S9 Palletizing functions feature automated solutions for case scanning, pallet scanning, and more, creating seamless transitions between production and inventory control.


S9 Shipping functionality includes and accounts for any combination of inventory ins and outs, from rework to internal sales.


S9 Production provides weighing, labeling and reporting for finished goods production with giveaway control, label standardization and real-time production data.


S9 Inventory offers real-time inventory control and shipping of finished goods with case-level traceability, customized shipping documents, and ERP interfacing.​


S9 incorporates Recall points at every step, making traceability and food safety more accessible than ever.

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