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R8 System


The R8 System software incorporates solutions for production, inventory, and recall, as well as automatic weighing and labeling. 

R8 Software

R8 provides box-level tracking and immediate recall information for items produced and/or shipped. Cases are tracked by indexes with details providing individual case histories.


Nimbus is the scanning application for all Inventory and Shipping functions within Computerway R8 Inventory Control Systems.


Computerway R8 is highly configurable to an array of production and inventory environments. Additional modules can be easily added to facilitate expanding systems.

Scale Labeling Control

SLC is the primary case-level weighing and labeling application for processing plants. 
A unique serial record is generated for every box, managing the range of weights, tares, descriptions and graphics. 


Built for client/server environment, Computerway modules simplify the integration of production processes with data collection.


Connections with ERP or Accounting systems provide the ability to exchange sales order data, product and customer masters, production and shipping records, and real-time inventories.