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Sizing System


The Wolf Sizing Systems are overhead sizing line controls designed for unsurpassed reliability, higher accuracy at higher speeds, and more capacity in birds per hour that any other system available.

Providing single point control over single or multi-line operations, the Wolf ISS and Wolf Solo utilize a Windows-based host PC controller for distributing operational commands to each high-speed line control computer. Each line controller can operate independently of the Host, thus making the system capable of fulfilling all assigned tasks even in the event of PC malfunction.


The Wolf ISS (Integrated Sizing Systems) can control more sizing lines with greater capacity, superior overall accuracy and unmatched reliability.

Up to 10 Lines

Wolf ISS controls up to 10 lines with drop synchronization.

Drop Capabilities

Wolf ISS & Wolf Solo boast 24 drop capability standard, expandable to 48 and 5 quality zone grades


Wolf Solo is the single-line version of Wolf ISS, controlling a single sizing line. Wolf Solo promises the reliability and ease-of-use of the standard Wolf ISS for a lower price.

Single Sizing Line

Wolf Solo controls a single sizing line, providing flexibility.


Wolf Solo controls a single sizing line, and is upgradeable to match full Wolf systems.


Wolf Solo by CFS

Wolf Solo by CFS

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