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Sizing System


The Wolf Sizing Systems are overhead sizing line controls designed for unsurpassed reliability, higher accuracy at higher speeds, and more capacity in birds per hour that any other system available.


The standard Wolf ISS cabinet measures 36" L x 25.25" W x 52.25" H

Digital Scale Control - DSC2

The dSC2 combines Digital Signal processing with a user-friendly electronic display and intelligent software to simplify weigh station calibration while improving stability and system accuracy.

Network I/O Module

The Networked I/O provides operators with easy interaction with the Wolf from the plant floor. This includes tote filling, enabling and disabling unloaders and temporarily disabling a drop.

Zone Grader

Mounted over the bird loading area, the Zone Grader creates zones where quality grade products are loaded and tracked by the control system.


Push-offs are the release mechanism on a sizing line where the bird is pushed out of the carrier.


The standard Wolf Solo cabinet measures 24.5" L x 21.25" W x 24" H

Visual ID Light Bar

The VILB is a computer-controlled visual aid used to identify specific objects on WOLF ISS conveyor lines. The system provides easy, dynamic identification for operators without having to remove the bird from the line.

Rhino Weigh Stations

Computerway Food System’s sizing scale for overhead sizing lines, for Chicken, Duck, and Turkey. Compatible with both the CFS Wolf and Coyote Sizing Systems.


Computerway Food Systems overhead sizing systems use precision balanced bird carriers for accurate weighing and dropping.


Knock-offs are the release mechanism on a sizing line where the carrier lift is activated, dropping the bird out of the carrier.


Wolf Solo by CFS

Wolf Solo by CFS

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