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Computerway Food Systems products are engineered as rapidly-deployable, high-reliability SYSTEM solutions. The devices, software, and services offered by CFS are all available individually, but they are optimized as part of CFS integrated systems solutions.

Computerway Food Systems
Innovating Since 1986

CFS system solutions target two very different goal-sets within the Food Processing Industry.

  • Our Sizing Solutions are highly-specialized electronic systems dedicated to Poultry Processing operations.  CFS WOLF ISS and WOLF Solo control systems represent the most technically advanced form of weighing and sorting poultry products on multiple high-speed overhead conveyor systems. These systems control the distribution or disassembly (automatic cutting) of processed birds based on weight, grade, and various production-related variables. 

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Computerway Food Systems is a world leader in integrated plant floor and enterprise-level information systems designed specifically for food manufacturing, processing, and handling operations. 

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Let CFS take your plant to the next level

CFS is dedicated to providing solutions to reduce labor and increase efficiency and production rate. See how we can help you today!

Inventory Management

Weighing - Label Palletizing - Inventory Shipping - Recall - Traceability

Flexible Sizing Solutions

From a single sizing line to several, we have a system that fits your needs.

Reduce Labor with Automatic Scanning

See RoboScan Automated Pallet Scanning in action now!

24/7 Support with HelpDesk

Get LIVE support for critical systems from a highly-trained, dedicated team of experts available 24 hours a day.


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Traceability initiatives can allow companies to reduce their expenses in recalls. Instead of recalling 100% of products, companies can focus on recalling affected and potentially affected products.

VDC Research

Chipotle and the Rising Importance of Traceability in the Food Industry Supply Chain, 2/11/2016June 13, 2016

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Plant?

CFS is dedicated to providing superior solutions and service. Contact us today to find out how we can take your food processing plant to the next level.

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